The Tapatap song is going super viral these days. Whether on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook, everyone makes cover videos with this song. As fun as this song is, performing the Tapatap song download is easy.

Do you want to download the Tapatap song but having so many options of websites confuses you? If yes, you will find all the information on how you can download the Tapa Tap song in this article.

Album / ThemeReels Songs (2022)
Singer(s)Hindustaani Bhau
Music Composer(s)RK Beats
Lyric Writter(s)Hindustaani Bhau
Added OnMay 25, 2022
Song Details

Are you having trouble downloading the song from our website? Well, don’t worry. We have got you covered. We have marked some other websites from where you can perform the Tapatap song download. In addition, we’ll also learn some fascinating yet unpopular details about this song. So, are you ready to get into the depth of this song?

How to Download Tapatap Song from Pagalworld

Here are steps for each method for Tapatap song download PagalWorld:

  1. Visit the Pagalworld website
  2. In the right top corner, you’ll find the search bar
  3. Click on it, Type “Tapa Tap Tapa Tap Mp3,” and press the search button
  4. The song page will open on your browser
  5. Scroll down, and you’ll find the download button
  6. Click on it and wait for the download to start
  7. The download will start in merely 5 seconds
  8. Once the download is done, play the song and enjoy

Top 5 Alternate Sources For Tapatap Song Download Mp3

If you search “Tapatap song download mp3” on the Internet, you’ll find many websites claiming to offer direct links to the Tapatap song. But a harsh truth about these songs is – “There are a handful of websites that work.” Most websites have indirect promotional links, which transfer you from one page to another.

They are more like a loop with no end. We don’t want you to waste your time wandering from one website to another. Thus, here are the top five websites for Tapatap song download mp3. The following sources give you direct access to download the Tapatap song.

 Sr. NoWebsiteLink
#1PagalWorldClick Here
#2ConverteZillaClick Here
#3MobCupClick Here
#4DjsongsClick Here
#5OnlyMusicClick Here
5 Alternate Sources For Tapatap Song Download Mp3

Reasons Behind Popularity of Tapatap Song

The Tapatap song is everywhere. Not just on Facebook but Instagram reels, YouTube Shorts, TikTok – literally everywhere. It’s a viral song that is going crazy around social media. But, did the question about its viral spread ever crossed your mind? have you ever thought why is the Tapatap song going so viral?

What’s so special about it? Why is everyone making reels and shorts on it? Well, you might not know the answer, but we do. Here are three primary reasons behind the increasing popularity of the Tapatap song:

Popularity of Hindustani Bhau

The Tapatap song is nothing more than the famous dialogue of Hindustani Bhau (who’s known as one of the many social media influencers) mixed with music. The origin of this song has everything to do with the popularity of Hindustani Bhau. The song got viral during the days when Hindustani Bhau was going viral on the internet.

He was a trend that gave birth to this song. The song is spreading on the internet, especially on social media like fire. 99% of popular meme pages on Instagram have used this audio in one of their memes. When mixed with this double-meaning song, a double-meaning meme is viral content.

Influence of Meme Pages

Meme pages are the top factor why the Tapatap song is so viral. What are memes? Tapa Tap song memes are media in the form of pictures and videos with humor in it. When you combine another hilarious media, this Tapatap song, it results in sarcastic content, with the highest chances of getting viral. If you go into the history of this song, meme pages are the ones that created it.

It’s created by a memer, used by other memers in their content, which further was shared by users on social media. If you look back, there was no origin of meme pages. But ever since they have come into existence, the world has changed. Things that make zero sense have gone viral. It’s not our opinions but what critics say.

It Sounds Funny

If you read the lyrics of Tapa Tap song, it’s the repetitive pronunciation of two words, i.e., “Tapa Tap,” mixed with jazz music. When said in repetitions and mixed with music,, these two words sound hilarious. “But what’s so funny about it?” you might ask. The words “Tapa Tap,” of course.

If you are an Indian, we don’t have to make you understand the meaning of these two terms. Do we? Coming to the point, the hilariousness that this music reflects is what has made it so popular among memers. Any double-meaning meme with this song in the background sounds funny, fulfilling the intent of a meme.

Final Words

When downloading the Tapatap song, there aren’t many genuine websites that offer direct links. A handful of reliable websites allow you to download the song straightaway. Today’s blog has shared the top five websites you can use to perform the Tapatap song download. The websites we have shared above are genuine and easy to use. Therefore, try them out and share them with your friends too.

In addition to sharing the top five sources to download the Tapatap song, we have also explored the reason behind its popularity. Why is the song so popular on social media? If you know someone looking for the answer to these same questions, share this blog with them. Maybe your small effort of sharing can help them satisfy their curiosity about this song. Have a wonderful day ahead!


What’s the easiest way to download the Tapatap song?

The easiest way to download the Tapatap song from the internet is through song downloading through our website. Alternatively, you can choose other websites that have direct links to download a wide range of songs. Above, we have shared the top five websites where you can download the Tapatap song in seconds.

These websites have simple navigation and offer direct links to the song. Tapa tap song download Mr Jatt is also a wonderful choice if you want something other than the above websites.

Who’s the singer in the Tapatap song?

There is no singer for the Tapatap song. It’s just a dialogue mixed with a jazz melody. If you are an Indian, along with a social media user, you might be aware of Hindustani Bhau. In many of his videos, he used the term “Tapa tap” in a funny way.

Someone created the loop of this dialogue and added music in the background, resulting in the Tapatap song. So there’s no singer in this song, but if we talk about the voice, anyone can identify the voice of Hindustani Bhau.

Where did the Tapatap song go viral first?

The Tapa Tap song went viral on social media, especially on Instagram. A memer created a meme with this song as the background music and shared it on his account. That meme went viral, resulting in the creation of more such memes.

The result was – the song got viral, and everyone started making Instagram reels and YouTube Shorts using it. You can go for tapa tap song download Mr Jatt if you want to use it to make videos for your socials.

Which is the best website to download the Tapatap song?

There are so many websites to perform the Tapatap song download. Today, we have shared with you the top five such websites. All of them are super convenient to use and allow direct downloading of the song. However, if you ask us about the most popular website, it’s PagalWorld. PagalWorld is the favorite choice of music lovers when it comes to downloading songs. Thus, if you want to download the Tapatap song, you should try this website.

Where to listen to the Tapatap song online?

Every day, a new music player comes into existence. Thus, with so many options in front of you, it’s sometimes overwhelming to decide which one to listen to the Tapatap song. However, if you are looking for the most favorite and popular choice of people, it’s Spotify.

Download the Spotify App on your smartphone or Desktop and play this song. Just make sure to search for more keywords than the Tapatap song because it’s a generic song with different titles.

Is the Tapatap song on Spotify?

Spotify has the world’s largest collection of songs. It has every song you might want to listen to – from classic to modern. Whether the Tapatap song is on Spotify or not, the answer is YES.
You can search for keywords like “Tapatap Song Hindustani Bhau,” and find music related to the query easily. Spotify is everyone’s favorite choice of music application.

How long is the Tapatap song, and who wrote its lyrics?

The Tapatap song is a few seconds long. You might find minute or long versions of these songs, but they will just be a repetitive loop of that song. If you want it for a meme or funny reel, a second-long version of this song will work well.
Talking about the lyrics of this song, it’s funny how it only contains just two words “tapa tap.” The lyrics are the repetition of this song, nothing more than that.