Sundar Pichai Net Worth

$1.31 Billion

Sundar Pichai
Sundar Pichai
Net Worth$1.31 Billion
Date of BirthJune 10, 1972
Age51 years
Sundar Pichai Net Worth

The estimated net worth of the Google CEO Sundar Pichai is INR 10,215 crores. Sundar Pichai’s net worth in American dollars is a whopping $1310 million (1.31 Billion). Sundar Pichai is the man behind the phenomenal growth of Google. Today, Google is not jargon to anyone, even a little kid knows about Google.

Gone are the days when we have to refer to books or ask teachers and subject matter experts for answers. We live in an era where the world is shrunk and stored in the mobile. More than mobile, we can say that the world lives inside Google. Google has everything in the world. You type the question, and Google gives you the answer. And it is no wonder people search for the net worth of such a mastermind who created this platform.

Sundar Pichai Net Worth 2024

This Google CEO is also the CEO of Alphabet Inc. As of 2022, Google’s market value is around 1940 Billion USD. And Sundar Pichai’s annual income is estimated at around 242 million American Dollars. Sundar Pichai’s net worth in Indian Rupees is estimated at around 10,215 Crores. His annual income in Indian rupees is estimated at around 1880 crores.

But that’s not just it. The Google CEO is also the CEO of Alphabet Inc. He owns over 17292 units which can range up to $9,924,539. He sold the GOOG stock worth $1,012,278,620 in the last seven years. Sundar Pichai makes around $280,622,016 from Alphabet Inc per year.

Sundar Pichai Google CEO
Sundar Pichai Google CEO

Sundar Pichai Net Worth Overview

Sundar Pichai was appointed as Google CEO in 2015 and Alphabet Inc CEO in 2019. His Salary is $2 million. He also draws bonuses and stocks, contributing to his income and net worth. Sundar Pichai’s annual Salary is $240 million, and he receives $120 million in the quarterly installment. All the other income will be credited when he meets all the targets. His Salary would be divided when he meets his targets.

Net Worth in Indian RupeesRs. 10,215 crores
Net Worth in Dollars$1310 million (1.31 Billion)
Annual Income in Indian RupeesINR 1916 Crores
Annual Income in Dollars$242 Million
Salary$242 Million
Stock17292 units which can range upto $9,924,539
GOOG stock which he soldSold GOOG stock for $1,012,278,620 in the last 7 years
Alphabet Inc Income per year $280,622,016
Sundar Pichai Overview

Sundar Pichai Net Worth Growth

Sundar Pichai’s net worth is $1310 million as of 2024. As a Google and Alphabet Inc CEO, his income and net worth grow yearly. Let us look at how the CEO’s net worth has been snowballing for the past five years.

YearNet Worth
2017$570 million
2018$710 million
2019$950 million
2020$1 billion
2021$1.1 billion
2022$2. billion
Sundar Pichai Net Worth

Sundar Pichai Income

Pichai’s income is an integral contributor to his net worth. His income is from Google, Alphabet, and the stocks he owns from Google and Alphabet Inc. His responsibility as a CEO is to maintain the whole work of the company and meet the targets. Being the brand’s CEO, with a brand value of around 1940 Billion US Dollars, he also receives a handsome package. Sundar Pichai has been ranked among America’s top 10 highest-paid CEOs since 2015.

In 2018, Sundar Pichai’s base Salary of 4.6 crores skyrocketed by 200%, making it 20 crores. Sundar Pichai was joined as the head of Product management and development in 2004, but his constant hunger to reach a prominent position has made him what he is today. Pichai was also made the CEO of Google’s parent company in 2019. But the road to Google was not a red carpet for the CEO. Let’s have a deep look at the CEO’s early life.

Sundar Pichai Early life

Sundar Pichai was born in Madurai, Tamilnadu, on June 10, 1972. His Father was an Electrical Engineer, and his mother was a Stenographer. His Father made sure that Sundar and his brother got the proper education. In childhood itself, Sundar showed a deep interest in technology. His keen interest in technology was developed by his Father, who had a manufacturing plant that produced electrical components.

The Pichai family welcomed their first telephone when Sundar was 12 years old. And his memory was so sharp that he remembered all the numbers quickly. His extraordinary and sharp memory power has helped the young Pichai. He was always a curious kid when it came to technology. His Father made Sundar fall in love with technology by sharing his daily stories and struggles on his planet.

Sundar Pichai completed his 10th in a CBSE school named Jawahar Vidyalaya. He completed his 12th board in Vana Vani School at IIT Madras. Pichai’s short interest has made him enroll in Metallurgical Engineering at IIT Kharagpur. His sharp memory has helped him earn a scholarship at Stanford University, where he completed his MS in Material Science and Engineering. Sundar Pichai also has an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He also got the title Seibel Scholar and Palmer Scholar at Wharton School.

His Father gave almost all his 1.5 years of Salary to Sundar for his MS at Stanford. But Sundar dropped out of Stanford and decided to work as a product manager at Applied Materials, a semiconductor maker in Silicon Valley. It was not sweet news for the Pichai family. They were surprised by his action. Sundar was tagged as the “Brightest of the Batch” by his teachers at IIT. But later, in 2002, he got an MBA from Wharton and did a stint as a consultant at McKinsey and Company before joining Google.

NameSundar Pichai
Real NamePichai Sundararajan
AgeJune 10, 1972 (51 years)
BornMadurai, Tamilnadu, India
Current CityLos Altos Hills, California
SchoolJawahar Vidyalaya Senior Secondary School, Vana Vani School
CollegeMetallurgical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur MS from Stanford University MBA from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
ProfessionCEO at Google, Alphabet Inc
Salary$242 million
Net Worth$1310 million dollars
Board MemberBoard Member at the Alphabet IncMagic Leap
ParentsRegunatha Pichai Lakshmi Pichai
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseAnjali Pichai
ChildrenKiran Pichai, Kavya Pichai
Height1.80 meters
Weight64 Kgs
Personal Details of Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai Journey from Middle Class to the CEO and Billionaire

After a stint at McKinsey and company as a consultant, Pichai entered Google in 2004. But that was when not even 3% of people knew there was something like Google. He initially worked on the Google Toolbar, which quickly helped those using Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer to access Google Search Engine. With fresh energy and innovative ideas, Pichai worked with the first google product, Google’s very own web browser, Chrome, in 2008.

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Sundar Pichai also worked on Google Drive and Chrome OS. He started to participate in the public role in 2011 actively. From just a mere head of product development and management, he was promoted to Vice-president and then in 2012, he was made the Senior Vice-president. He was also appointed as the leader of the Android OS.

Sundar Pichai’s sharp mind and effortless style in negotiation and his fresh ideas have attracted Twitter and Microsoft. He was given employment at Twitter and Microsoft as a CEO with a handsome package. But he quickly neglected those offers and decided to work at Google. In 2014 he was officially made the CEO of Google as the co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin stepped down from the CEO post as they were creating Alphabet Inc. in 2019, he was made the CEO of Alphabet Inc.

With each year passing, this Google CEO, once a middle-class boy who never dreamt of his net worth, his net worth is constantly and consistently increasing. He is a role model for every youngster.

Sundar Pichai’s Philanthropy Work

The Google CEO has been donating to various platforms and canters. In 2020, the CEO donated five crores to Give India. He also matched Google’s $ 1 million contribution to filling the education gaps. Google also contributed to India when India faced the most challenging time during COVID. Google contributed $135 crores.

Sundar Pichai Love life

Sundar Pichai is not just a right leader but also a devoted lover. He married Anjali Pichai, who is the love of his life. These two met during their IIT days. Anjali was his batchmate and a Software Engineer. Anjali and Sundar were excellent friends before starting their love life. However, when Sundar went to Stanford for his higher studies, he couldn’t talk to Anjali or his family because of financial issues. But did that affect their trust or love? No, their love and trust in each other grew more profound when they were miles apart from together. After six months, Anjali went to the US and decided to get married. And now, they are living happily ever after life with their two children, Kavya and Kiran.

Sundar Pichai Social Media


Sundar Pichai Assets

Though Sundar Pichai’s life started as a middle-class young boy, the road he traveled has made him Google CEO. And this Google CEO’s net worth is $1310 million (1.3 billion). When he was a kid, he lived in a house with cramps all over the walls. But now, he lives with all the luxuries and properties he earned for himself.

The kid who slept in a cramped living room is now living in a $40 million luxurious house in California where there is no less luxury and world-class amenities. His house also has a tennis court and golf field.

Sundar Pichai has many luxurious cars like Porsche, BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Range Rover.

Luxurious House in Los Altos Hills, California$40 Million
Sundar Pichai Properties
Mercedes S650Rs. 2.70 crores
Toyota GlaceRs. 35 Lakhs
Mercedes Benz V classRs. 73 Lakhs
BMW 73 LDRs. 1.3 crores
Car Collections

Sundar Pichai Awards and Recognition

Sundar Pichai has received one of the most recognized awards by the Government of India, Padma Bhushan. He received Padma Bhushan in 2022.

Sundar Pichai Lesser known facts

  1. Sundar Pichai married his campus love, Anjali Pichai, and they both have two children. Also, they have a pet dog named Jeffrey.
  2. Sundar Pichai loves sports, especially Football. He loves Messi, Barcelona FC.
  3. Sundar Pichai dreamt of becoming a Cricket Player and was also the school cricket captain.
  4. In 2014, Sundar Pichai was chosen as a contender for Microsoft CEO.
  5. Sundar Pichai has an extraordinarily sharp memory, and he remembers all the mobile numbers he has ever dialed. We can say that this is one of the secret talents of Sunday.
  6. Sundar Pichai is the brain and hard work behind Chrome.
  7. Pichai’s excellent leadership skills have helped him win the Global Leadership Award in 2019.
  8. Pichai is the highest-paid Indian CEO in America.
  9. Sundar Pichai loves to read the Wall Street Journal or New York Times every morning.
  10. Due to his financial condition, Sundar Pichai couldn’t talk to his family or girlfriend for more than six months during the Stanford times.


Is Sundar Pichai a billionaire?

Yes, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google and Alphabet Inc, is a billionaire with a net worth of around $1310 million.

What is Google CEO Salary?

The base Salary of Google CEO Sundar Pichai is $2 million.

How much is Sundar Pichai’s net worth?

The net worth of Sundar Pichai is estimated at around $1310 million, which is $1.3 billion.

Sundar Pichai Net worth in Rupees?

Sundar Pichai’s net worth in Indian rupees is Rs. 10,215 crores.